Join Daybreak as a Social Media Manager

Daybreak is currently looking for social media managers to handle our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Anyone can post, but it takes great skills to keep viewers from scrolling. Think you’ve got what it takes? Please fill the following form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Location: Remote (online)


Candidates are expected to be in a WhatsApp group with the senior editors and update them regularly on the status of Daybreak’s social media accounts. We expect you to be timely and attend all staff meetings as they’re called in.

Roles and responsibilities

1. Devise, disccuss and apply strategies to grow Daybreak’s social media following.

2. Maintain and update one or more of Daybreak’s social media accounts by making regular posts. This includes tweeting articles and/or posting article excerpts on Instagram depending upon the social media account you’re in charge of.

3. Answer important private messages sent by people to the social media account(s) after discussing with the editors.

4. Make a schedule of upcoming social media posts and follow it after the approval of the editors.

If you’ve read and understood it all, Bismillah! See you at the other end.

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